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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

My New Grandson

The best Christmas present of all!

Final challenge for the Digital Whispers 12 Days of Christmas

This is the last of the challenges for Christmas.  We were provided with an image of a castle.  I think the idea was to use the windows to display all the challenges we have created for the Digital Whispers challenges.  There was no way I could fit these into windows. They would have been tinier than postage stamps, so I had to come up with the idea of frames.  Hope all the snow does not damage the pictures ;-)
This was so much fun and incredibly time consuming.  Had I not felt so ill during the Christmas period, I doubt I'd have been able to complete it.
Incase anyone reading this also suffers from sinusitis, I can recommend the raw garlic cure.  The difference today is just amazing, and I only started chomping on raw garlic yesterday.  My other half says you could strip paint off doors with my breath lol but it is worth it to get some relief.

Elements used in this were icicles and owl  from Holliewood's Christmas Morning kit.  Frames were from Kubivet.  Not sure of source for vintage girl.  I created my own snow brush to paint the frame and snow on items.

Friday, 24 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas Challenges

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.  I got the best ever Christmas pressie yesterday - a new Grandson called Elias.
Our area has been badly hit by snow.  I love it even though it creates havoc everywhere.
Digital Whispers has been running a 12 days of Christmas challenge which has been both fun and challenging. The entries were just amazing.
Here's what I came up with.  I'll post some freebies soon of things I made for the challenges.
On the first day of Christmas:
Not quite a partridge in a pear tree, but :-)

For some reason, I can't post the image of a girl with a partridge, so here is the third one.  We had to create something using wings.  I chose to create the tree. The ice sculpture is from the Swedish ice hotel.  I duplicated the image.

I used elements from Holliewood Christmas Morning kit. Background arch is from Lorie Davidson Greyhouse Manor kit.  Robins are my own pics. The collie birds were provided for the challenge

I cannot recall where I got the cute figures and background from. If anyone recognizes these, please give me a shout.

We had to create our own background paper from feathers for this challenge. I had taken a photo on the 19th of a snow covered palm tree, so decided to use that with a blue glitter paper I had painted some months ago.
The paper was then to be used in the next challenge

Swans and a ballet dancer.  I had a photo of swans I took on the English canals, so used that.  I think the dancers are from DeviantArt website

So much for following tutorials.  This one for to make a white snowflake. I got rather carried away and ended up with crotcheted doillies instead, so hung them up inside the Christmas log cabin.

This was a ballerina challenge.  Bluesse provided the empty room for me to furnish.  The idea was that the ballerina had become an old woman and was reflecting upon her former life.  I simply ran out of time, so here she is, still in her youth.  She looked cold so I painted a fur wrap for her.

I almost didn't enter the 10 lords leaping challenge.  We were provided with a pic of a hanky.  Having the concentration span of a monkey at times, I wasn't really keen to do the tutorial to create an overlay from it.  Was glad I did though. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out.  Then there was the problem of the Lords.  I'm still furious at the corruption in Government and that people who contribute large sums of money to the two main parties can buy peerages. This was going to be a nasty picture.  Then I had a braiwave that they needn't be real lords.  I have a terrific admiration for salmon who swim upstream against so many odds.  So I decided they were worthy to be lords:-)  The elements are from Indigo and the kit is Legends of Scotland.
This turned out to be my favourite challenge of all.
I love the classical bagpipes and thought I'd have a little fun with this challenge.
I used a photo real pipers, added crazy wild eyes and painted over their hair.  Braveheart eat your heart out lol.
Recalling a conversation I'd had with a friend, that bagpipes are not music, but instruments of war, I thought it could be fun to have someone bury their head in the snow rather than listen to the music.