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Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Year

Hi Again. Well I just checked out a YouGov survey about what people thought the New Year would bring, and they are all as full of doom and gloom as I am. Seriously, not one positive prediction to be found. I haven't made a resolutiom for years, but I have made one in advance of midnight tonight. I am going to stop seperating my life from my art and am going to post a lot more about me and what I am up to. I'm venturing into jewellery making along with a thousand other things.It did not really dawn on me that others might find what I do to be particularly interesting, but having spent a lot of time on a lot of blogs lately, I really appreciate what people post. I've been really captured by stories of heartbreak, pictures of experiments that have gone wrong, and just the sharing and generosity of spirit of bloggers out there. This year I am going to share more of my failures, things I like and what I am up to. I just coloured some beads that were a flat turqoiuse colour, with alcohol inks. I now have delightful speckled beads which have a depth they did not have before. I will post photos of these and tips, in the hope that I will get some back too. There must be a better way of sealing beads than painting them with clear nail varnish! Anyways, enough of my ramblings. Here is a challenge I have just completed for 2012 I was not allowed to use real people, so had to use symbolism. Could feel my anger rising as I was working on this image. I'm so unhappy about the state of the UK and Europe. Not at all happy with this picture but am posting it anyway and am always open to feedback. ...and to all of you whose images I used and was too lazy to credit for, I shall make it up to you next year :-) xxx Happy New Year!

Updates, opinions, news etc

Hi and Happy New Year everyone. Hope you had a good Christmas. I did not even get around to posting my Christmas card. Thinking back to last Christmas when my partner and I were really ill, I was relieved that I escaped that lurgy this year. My partner was struck again with another lurgy on Boxing Day. Well I don't like Christmas and seem to like it less with each passing year. Can't believe that people actually spent their Christmas day hunting down sale bargains and camping out at shops as early as 5am for boxing day sales. Relentless adverts on TV. Can't they give us just one day off? I've had De Quervains (damage to wrist and thumb tendons) which has been ongoing since before Christmas. My GP said to rest, but the NHS does not provide house maids, and photoshop does not do voice control. Thinking it was not very clever of me to use the Wacom tablet for everything though and considering going back to using a mouse again. I have cut back on computer use and am doing more hands on crafts again. I'm really interested in jewellery which fulfills my passion for recycling. Bought lots of vintage and broken jewellery on Ebay and made a few necklaces which I should have posted here. My New Year resolution is to post more on my blog about all sorts of things and not to keep my art seperate from political issues. Here is the Christmas card I should have posted earlier: Here are the credits and some images I used: Managed to fit in another art challenge at Images by Kim - Pocket Packet Friday's Challenge. This one was on favourite flowers. I'm fussy about roses, and could not find a red one I really liked in my collection. Very pleased with how this one turned out: Lots of layers and fiddling with this, but this is what I started with:

Friday, 16 December 2011

RIP Christopher Hitchins

So saddened over the death of Christopher Hitchins today. Britain has lost a wonderful intellect and a man of substance. May his love of free speech live on.