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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Inspired by Hindu Holi Festival

I'm currently writing a book for my grandchildren, with made up poems about elephants. This was inspired by a photo and Indian friend of mine took of the Hindu Holi festival. It was a wonderful riot of colour, caused by people throwing coloured powder at each other. Sounds like great fun. I don't know if elephants are part of the festival, but I found an image of two painted elephants on Flickr. Sorry I can't remember who to give credits to. I love the way Indians paint everything that stands still (I can definitely relate):-) I've used lots of overlays with this and different blending modes. I'm no expert on Hinduism. Lord Ganesh who is sitting on the elephants was an afterthought. I chose it because it fitted in so well with the elephants. I completed another iris image for the challenge I completed yesterday The door was part of a kit by Magical Reality Designs.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Digital Whispers Iris Challenge

The Digital Whispers Challenge this week was to create something with the image of an iris Kimmie provided. It had bloomed in her garden. We also had to describe how we created the image. First I created a fake HDR image of the iris. Played around with different layer effects for the other photos and coloured in the fairies with a dual brush, using the colours from the iris flower for the dress. I used a background image from Magical Reality Designs, which I forgot to include here. The sky is a gradient, again using the colours from the iris flower. I texturized the background paper with a texture I created myself. Colour burned the edges and added torn paper for interest.

Thursday, 23 June 2011


What a fun challenge at Digital Whispers this week. We had to fill a burger bun. Here's how I filled mine. Yellow Background paper by Stephanie@Digital Whispers, Sea,diver and vintage beach tag by Tangled Fish - At the Beach Kit. Legs from a vintage Christmas Card.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bingo Challenge

I'm not a bingo fan and found this a tough challenge to do. Will have to come back later with the credits. Some elements are from Tangie Baxter's steampunk kit. The challenge was hosted by Kimmie at DigitalArt+Images by Kim. I was messing around with different textures trying to create a convincing skin tone for an underwater scene. Layers upon layers upon layers in this one. There's probably a fast route to achieving the same effects. I used the High Pass filter on my grandson's image. I'm not really sure what it does but it produced some interesting effects lol

Friday, 10 June 2011

Digital Whispers mermaid challenge

The challenge at Digital Whispers Photomanipulation group was to create a mermaid. I had fun with this. Here are the images I used:

Crown challenge

Another fun challenge at Pocket Packet Friday's group. The them is to create something from a crown. Who wears one? I decided to crown a hen. Humble creatures who give a lot in terms of fun, eggs and chicken. I altered the background paper from Valentina's I Love You Grandma kit.