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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Inspired by Hindu Holi Festival

I'm currently writing a book for my grandchildren, with made up poems about elephants. This was inspired by a photo and Indian friend of mine took of the Hindu Holi festival. It was a wonderful riot of colour, caused by people throwing coloured powder at each other. Sounds like great fun. I don't know if elephants are part of the festival, but I found an image of two painted elephants on Flickr. Sorry I can't remember who to give credits to. I love the way Indians paint everything that stands still (I can definitely relate):-) I've used lots of overlays with this and different blending modes. I'm no expert on Hinduism. Lord Ganesh who is sitting on the elephants was an afterthought. I chose it because it fitted in so well with the elephants. I completed another iris image for the challenge I completed yesterday The door was part of a kit by Magical Reality Designs.

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