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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Artcreations Friday

There a fun challenge over at I wasn't aware of this blog before and just stumbled upon it by clicking on links of other blogs I was visiting.
Here is my effort for the challenge.

The challenge involved using the background paper provided, In this case, it was a lovely example of vinyl painted with alcohol inks.  Very rich in texture and lovely to work with.
I used a photo of my own and also a wonderful castle photo from Fairiegoodmother.  You can find links here on websites I like to visit. 
The water pump is courtesy of Granny Art.  Wonderful woman who shares her wonderful creations so freely with us. I cut the woman out from a vintage picture I had in my collection. I've no idea where it came from unfortunately.


vintage wil said...

Wow this is gorgeous!!!!!!!

heather said...

Thanks Vintage. Was really fun to do

Femmy said...

fabulous piece!!!!