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Monday, 18 October 2010

Graveyard Challenge at Digital Whispers

Another enjoyable challenge at Digital Whispers this week. We were provided with a picture of a graveyard

I guess I'm one of those weird people who enjoys visiting graveyards, reading names and dates on gravestones and wondering about people's lives.  I've even come across early Pictish ones in Scotland, with skull and bones carved on them.

I added a textured background (texture68 by Sira_sdz at DeviantArt)
The cradle roll was photographed by my daughter who found it dumped outside a church. Music stand (Bluesse at DeviantArt) and I cannot remember where I found the vintage girl.  I also used brushes by Obsidian Dawn.

There's a freebie gravestone at that I've used here. It really appealed to my sense of humour : 'I'm a Goner'
  I've used it here with the same cemetry pic from Digital Whispers. I found the background on the web. Thanks to Bluesse again for the old dolls. I warped one.


Ira said...

Both are fabulous and soooooo cool for this time of year! TFS! Ira

digiVickie said...

You created some really BOOtiful cool pages!! Thanks for the link too :)

Anonymous said...

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heather said...

I can't email you because you have posted anonymously. Glad to be of help with your project though