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Monday, 13 September 2010

Merging elements

Here I merged two images.  I think part of the background came from FairyGoodmother stock at DeviantArt? The foreground is original but I had to stretch the canvas, so cloned some of the grass and daisies, adding a few clovers and buttercups.  I still haven't grasped the refine edge tool in Photoshop 5 so still use a pen to extract images.  One of these days I will learn how all these marvellous tools actually work :-)  The model is my precious little grandson.

And here he is looking totally cheesed off with his Dad's taste in TV programmes

He cheered up when Mummy took him to the playground.  It's not everyone who is lucky enough to have one of Lorie Davidson's mice to join them on the roundabout. I can't remember who designed the cute car in the background. Thanks and sorry whoever you are.


Ira said...

So clever again! Beautifully done!! Creative greetings, ~Ira

Junibears said...

Beautiful boy he is!! Love your photos with the little additions!