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Monday, 13 September 2010

Removing unwanted elements in images

I've been on holiday and haven't had a chance to post anything. Had frustratingly low speeds trying to connect from my laptop whilst travelling, but I have been busy.  I quite enjoy extracting images, though I must say this one was a challenge.  The original photo is at DeviantArt by YellowpumpkinI rather liked the photo of arches in Leamington Spa, but the car and van spoiled it.  I also like the softness of sepia so made some alterations.

 There has to be an easy way of extracting complicated images.  Easy peasy if the background is white and the foreground is dark, but when the car is behind a fence.......well if anyone knows an easy way, please pass on any tips.  I bodged this in places and just decided to grow some plants instead of discarding my efforts.
Here is the same image with a gradient overlay set on linear burn.

1 comment:

Junibears said...

I know how hard it is extracting images like this. Some as you say can be easy peasy, but this one definitely not. I don't know an easy way either.
I think you made a damn good job of it Heather. very well done. The finished result is great.xx