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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Transported to Wonderland, and other images


I love Alice in Wonderland. I also love fantasy, so it's not surprising that I fell in love with Marta Van Eck's Welcome to Wonderland kit which is available at Shabby Pickle designs You can click on the link to take a look at the kit.  I created the doll myself.  If you would like to use the doll in any projects, just give me a shout and I'll put it on here as a freebie. 

Here is another Alice in Wonderland creation. I coloured a drawing of Alice. Most of the elements used are from Marta Van Eck's Attic kit.  This is a kit I keep coming back to because it is crammed with interesting elements.  The kit can be found here: Shabby Pickle designs

This one was for a digital challenge. If my memory serves me, the brollies were a freebie from Granny Art.

This one was for a digital challenge at Digital Whispers. Alice and the water rat were from a drawing I colourized.

Not quite Alice in Wonderland perhaps, but I had fun with a photo of my grandson wearing a daft pair of sunglasses.  This made me think of Biggles, so I sent him on a flight.  I've used elements from Marta Van Eck's Steampunk kit.  One of the helmets is from her Attic kit.  I cannot remember where I found the leather jacket. I think the fly is from Mom4three designs


Lucy - By the Hill said...

Hi Heather! Your digi art is wonderful! I can't wait to get back to mine after the pickling and garden is done with!
Thanks for the visit to my blog, and really DO try that recipe for the pickles, it's easy and most wonderful crunchy flavor!

Junibears said...

All your collages are wonderful. I love your work and your grandson is FAB! Hugs

Anonymous said...

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