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Monday, 11 October 2010

Angel- Dezinaworld Challenge

Shan't bore you all with my computer problems. I'm amazed I've got anything done at all. First of all, speeds slowed to snail's pace. The engineer blamed Firefox browser. I'm not convinced but removed it and replaced with Google Chrome. I've never resolved the problem with Windows 7 constantly dropping the drivers for my Wacom Tablet. Second Intuos2 tablet I've had and twice the wiring has gone wonky in same place. So struggling with dropped drivers and wonky wiring was more than I could bear. Got a second hand wacom wireless pen tablet. This is nowhere as intuitive as the Intuos tablet and explains why it was so much cheaper. I lost the pen for it. Searched high and low. It had rolled under the wardrobe and hidden itself.
Inbetween a stinking cold and a friend dying, I'm finally back to some semblence of reality (whatever that is) and even have some freebies which I haven't gotten around to posting.
This challenge at Dezinaworld's blog Click on link to visit blog is to create something with an angel or angels.  I really like angels despite being totally non-religious so I had a go:
The best I can say for this is I like the textures. I insisted on shoving it into a frame and it now looks like a postage stamp.  Really I would like to be working at 3ftx3ft  I like big!
The shrine is from a kit I bought from Studio Gypsy-Shrine of the Times.
If, like me, you like to see work in progress, here are the images I used. I don't have the names of any of the designers, but will gladly add them if anyone can identify them.


Junibears said...

I loved to see all the art you used, wonderful how you brought it all together. beautiful work, in spite of computer troubles.
Hugs xx

stampdiva said...

This is incredible art. Lynne M

Dezinaworld said...

Hi Heather, I am so sorry its taking me a while to get round to commenting with this poorly arm. Hope your comp problems are soon resolved. I dont think this piece looks like a postage stamp. i like the frame and i also like the ethereal atmosphere you created. nice work.
thanks so much for joining in the challenge. it means a lot to me
hugs June xxxx