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Friday, 21 January 2011

Digital Journal Magic taught by Marie Otero.

Aaaargh It never rains but it pours. No sooner is my father out of hospital, than my other half is off sick with a double virus. Conjunctivitis and laryngitis. I think the dreaded lurgy is visiting me now. I'm feeling wretched today.
So much for creating a new blog design.  I've been busy trying to retrieve lost files.  Got most of them from my emergency external hard drive so things could be a lot worse.

Started an online class with Marie Otero last week and learned so much.  I'm loving it.  It's unheard of for me to follow a tutorial so rigidly.  Well I changed the title, but not much else.  What usually happens is that I get bored or stuck partway through tutorials and just wander off and do my own thing.  The tutorials were so clear and easy to understand though.  I'm not too keen on the white outlining on the first image.  I'm a bit of a stickler for extracting images with a pen tool, and tend to use shadows rather than pen outlines.  I loved the doodling part and got quite carried away.  Was so pleased with my bird and crown that I re-used it in the second image that I just doodle, inspired by all the new techniques I've learned.
Not sure how I'm going to get on with masking.  I've never gotten to grips with it before so this will really be a challenge.
Anyway, enough of my prattling.  Here are the images I've created.

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Junibears said...

Oh Great work! You look as though you've really enjoyed making these. So colourful. Lovely.xx