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Monday, 24 January 2011

Week two of Journal Magic Class - Marie Otero

When oh when is this illness going to depart? I'm still feeling wretched, but my partner is 10 times worse. Our ever failing NHS pawned him off with a doctor at the hospital because our local surgery decided to close for training.  Could this not be done in their own time?  £100000 a year for GP salaries and they are offering less of a service than ever before. Would be nice to have a fluent English speaking doctor too!  The substitute GP managed to mis-diagnose bronchitis, but did get the conjunctivitis correct. Thanks to that overpaid goon, he is now worse!  Anyway, enough politics. I'm just frustrated that I haven't had time to set up my political blog and neither have I been participating in the Digital Whispers challenges.  I have made time for the Marie Otero classes though. Who would have thought that tutorial could be so much fun?  For me they are normally just a means to an end, but Marie Otera makes the learning process fun.  I can now create patterns amongst other things, as well as my own brushes.  I'm going to put the paper I created up for a freebie.  I rather like it.  I'm still very much at the hit and miss stage with creating patterns.  You would be hard pushed to know that the overlay on my paper was a carefully constructed pattern of feathers.  No matter, I'm pleased with it and hope you will be too.
Here is what I created in week 2.  Can't wait for week 3


Lost Aussie said...

Fabulous work Heather. I am so glad you are having fun with the class.

pchickki said...

Hope you are both feeling better soon!