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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Having fun creating images of my grandchildren

I've been experimenting with trying to create a glow in faces. Easier said than done. It worked with this stock image of Skydancer at DeviantArt. He shares some fantastic images on there. Well worth a visit. I think my Grandson's face is too yellow. Not really happy with it.  The lighting on the left of the picture was a BBQ. Not a successful photo, but I liked the lighting effects.

I used Marta VanEck Steampunk kit for the background. Various other elements from other kits used too. I cut out the golden globe myself from old photographs. I cannot remember who originally posted the globe photo.
Fantastic kits at DeviantScrap. Most of the elements are from the Steamtown Detectives kit by Beth Rimmer. I've altered bits and pieces, such as adding the chimney stacks and the monkey Rd sign. Cannot remember where the popcorn machine came from. Probably one of Effie's.

Another super kit from DeviantScrap This one is called: Your Inner Voice. I could kick myself that I accidentally deleted one of the zip files so don't have the complete kit.

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