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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Mist - Challenge 41 of 100 Challenges at Digital Whispers

I've been busy creating. Glad that the blog is up and running again. Seems there has been faults with it.
I used the kit Link Your Inner Voice for the figures.  The ballerina was from Effie's blog, listed under my favourite blogs at the bottom of this page. Wish I could get them to show up at the side again.  Oh well.  One of these days I will learn how to create a nice blog.

This one I created for Art and Images by Kim group /pocketpacketfridays  The theme was cherries. I found it incredibly difficult to come up with anything. I don't like pink very much, but cherry blossom is beautiful so I had to add some.  The woman is from FarFarHill blogspot.  I altered it.

I'm not having much success with trying to create glows on faces.  I found a candles photo on DeviantArt and combined it with a photo of my grandson.  I darkened one of the layers of grandson, added a brighter layer and then added highlights. I should have used gaussian blur for the layers of light. Kept messing with the layer effects and added a noise filter which helped cover up my mistakes a little. I'm not happy with this one but will keep trying.

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